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some progress on my sci fi chick, just started refining the clothes but got shedloads still to add and ding up, let alone the face and hair yet :)


Quick hour speed sculpt whilst listening to Unkles – Lonely souls for an hour :)

sneak Peek at my latest character


Just been playing with the new dynamesh features in zbrush 4r2, its cool for speed sculpts but still prefer good ole base meshes :)


Theres lots of great info about Slide London and their amazing character art studio in this months issue of ImagineFX, including an interview with myself about my time so far with Slide as a freelancer :) Grab it while you can!!!!!!!


A quick Concept Sketch :)


Slow progress :(


Bit more progress, got the gun made and the trousers are ready for seams now. Also finished up my concept but still winging it in places :)


Been asked by alot of people for a breakdown in the cloth sculpting, I try to turn it into more of a modelling exercise by working very low and using topology to define the cloth work. then when you go up in subdivs it really holds the shape, lots still to do to this to make it look nicer and once the seams are in it will look 10x better


Bit more cloth work, scrapped the huge horns too :) gives him more presence this way and also means closer renders :)


Some first pass Clothwork on the trousers, gonna redesign the right hand and think up some designs for the belts and shoes. Got tons of little things to add still :)


Some progress on ma hellboy :)


Started a Hellboy sculpt for Comicon, probably another unfinished project knowing my schedule right now :( trying to get a large Mignola influence


Bit more progress on my ganondorf


started on my ganondorf today :) and some topology update stuff on the base mesh


testing out a new base mesh :)


and a piece heavily inspired by a sketch from Bobby Chiu


Tiny update, got a bit of sculpting done

Also got some professional photos of my superman bust, photos by Joe ‘teamonster’ Diagnault, an amazing sculptor friend :) will put them up soon!!!!


A Clemente Sauve Tribute Ive been working on past 3 days between contracts, just got all the basic meshes in, left out the straps and little fiddly bits for now as I need to get things sculpted to a reasonable level so their placement isnt off. Real early wippage :) looking forward to getting stuck into the cloth stuff and proportions :)


Been bit busy recently but started on a Brink inspired piece, super early block in :)


new speedey, 1.5 hours, based on a piece of concept art taken from the art of tangled.



Bit of progress on my current personal project, the legs will probably be covered so are just placeholders right now and I gotta do some retop so I can get more res on the torso/hands/neck


male anatomy study, 1 hour

Speed sculpt of King of the Cosmos from Katamari :) 1.5 hours, vid incoming


New personal project, Not 100% on the design yet, just trying to get the anatomy down. Hes gonna be a medieval blacksmith/warrior dude.


2.5 hours on this one, samael from darksiders, Im not happy with the chin but just ran out of time. vid incoming


another speedy, Theme is aliens, only 45mins on this one.


another speedy, 1hr 30mins in all. For the daily sculpts on GA, the theme is fatties. Ive been playing too much stacking recently on ps3 and fell in love with it so thought I would blend the styles a lil :) For those who havent played it, its a brilliant little adventure game about a family of Russian Dolls.

many thanks


So its valentines day, thought I would make something pretty :) for the GA daily speed sculpting challenge. Its a mish mash of concept art from district 9 and quite a bit of making it up as I go along :D overall 2 hours sculpting time.


My good buddy Cameron Small, AKA Mclean on the forums made a 3d Print of my superman model from comicon 09 for helping him out over the last year or two, Im getting some proper photos made up soon but this is all I can do with my rubbish camera right now :( he looks awesome though, I wanna get a full character 3d print done in the future, but gotta make something mental first :) Thank you so much Cam, you are the man :D

I also made some turntables of my last 2 sculpts


Todays Speedey, 1hr 30, loosely based on Wes Studi. Last day on the theme of Cowboys and indians. No timelapse Im afraid as Zbrush crashed on me during an extract :(


Todays Speedey, 2 hours in all, tried to go for a likeness of Jeff Bridges but need more time really. themes cowboys and indians :)

And I tweaked my stabbington brother slightly. think he looks a bit more like him now :)


Todays Speedey, Last day of the orcs and ogres theme. 1hr 40min

and here he is with glasses


Todays Speed Sculpt at 1hr 30 for GA. Theme is orcs and ogres :)


Todays daily Sculpt is same theme of sea creature/monster, went for a cute lil fish, about 40 mins in all :)


Todays daily sculpting exercise, just over an hour and on the theme of sea creatures, forgot to resume recording halfway so theres no timelapse :(


Went and saw Tangled yesterday and fell in love with their art style. Was itching to make something so I did a speed sculpt of one of the Stabbington Brothers. 1 hour 30 min in all and 30 minutes ontop polypainting :)


Daily Sculpting exercise, 1 hour 20 :)


just finished my quick and fun sculpt of an ogre going on a date

And the daily speed sculpt. last day of the bad ass theme :) I went with the baddest of asses everrrr. SNAAAAAAAAKKKEEEEEEE


just over 1 Hour 20min  speed sculpt, theme is badass :)


Almost midnight again :) saw an awesome sketch in ImagineFX by Justin Gerard and decided to try an epic moustache sculpt based on it for the GA daily sculpting exercise, went a bit over at 1hr 20 but he cam out pretty cool, didnt nail the concept exactly but need a bit more time :)


just gone midnight, and heres another speed sculpt, 50 mins this one on the epic moustache theme, I tried to put a bit of ‘Brinks’ art style to it


Part of the Almost Daily hourly sculpting exercise I setup at recently. The theme is Epic moustache :) took 1 hr 20.


working back into her, made more feminine hands, reworked some hard surface areas and started polypainting..sneaky peek :)


just finished my sculpt for the futuristic female detective…sort of :)

todays daily sketch, went with a zombie bear today. 1 hour in total, Theme change tomorrow :)

decided to knock another one out, hes 1 hour 20min.


todays daily sketch, still rotting zombies theme, not so happy but tomorrows will be better


todays topic is rotting zombies/mutants, heres my first go at 1hr 10min. timelapse underneath :)


Officially launchedthe UNOFFICIAL daily sculpting exercises over at

[click the image to have a looksy]

topics change every 3 days and you gotta try and squeeze an hourly sculpt into that time. extra brownie points if you record your work :)


Some more work on my female sci fi character and the ogre tux :)


A friend of mine is getting me to revisit an old sketch of mine :) its an ogre going on a date :)


Been sculpting a bit with the new armour design, got some hard surface work to add yet.


Another speed paint for the daily sketch group. Todays topic was a twist on self portrait, I decided to go for a Blade Runner feel but ended up making ,myself look super macho haha, dont like the fringe down so might change it and needs better contrast, took about 45 mins.


Another speed paint for the daily sketch group. Todays topic was futuristic Soldier, was about 30 mins.


Started Concepting out a costume design for my current model

and a quick look at new hair

also re-rendered my wolverine Hi poly as the old shot doesnt show it off enough :)


And todays sketch, theme is Death Knight, Only a quick one at 20 mins :)


Another part of the daily sketch group on gameartisans. Todays subject is a Powerful Being. About 20 mins this time.


Another part of the daily sketch group on gameartisans. Todays subject is Tree People. About 30 mins again.


Gonna try keep up with the daily sketch group on gameartisans. Todays subject is armoured animals. Around 30 mins.


Its my birthday :) Working on a few things the past few days, first up is the updated female sculpt with a bit of polypainting, still not happy, a few tweaks to come and then I can start designing some stuff to go with her.

and a rework of a classic game character that I love :)


Im 2 hours in, lots to fix up still. I havent sculpted a sexy lady in ages, so much harder than bearded men haha. Hoping to turn her into something cool soon. I also have a timelapse video coming soon of me struggling :) Sculpted from a box.


Santa Claus :) Just getting into the festive spirits :) My plans were to make him all tired and hunched over as if he was on his last delivery of the night. I wanted the sack over his shoulder, hunched over more and with fairy lights and assorted toys tied around his legs. Hes taking too long though and I got alot on before xmas so gonna leave him to work on something cooler :)


Been Drawing up some ideas for my next character, came up with an ogre going on a date :)

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