Comicon Challenge 2009

Edit; Results are in and I made 5th place 🙂 so happy, click the banner to see the final top 10

This is my Comicon entry based on Alex Ross’ Superman from Kingdom Come. For the competition you have to create a known superhero with under 10k tris with 2048 textures. Some crazy entries this year but I was just glad to be part of it.









this is my rig setup from an old digital tutors tutorial, its a nice rig but is very limiting.


My good buddy Cameron Small, AKA Mclean on the forums made a 3d Print of my superman model from comicon 09 for helping him out over the last year or two, Im getting some proper photos made up soon but this is all I can do with my rubbish camera right now :( he looks awesome though, I wanna get a full character 3d print done in the future, but gotta make something mental first :) Thank you so much Cam, you are the man :D

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