This is my entry to 3D Transformation mini competition. The brief was to take a 2D sprite artwork and turn it into 3D. You have a 3k tri limit and 512 texture map with an additional 256 map for accessories and weapons. Final model came in at 2997 and I used a 512 map for the main character and then used a 128×256 for her staff. This character is Gwendolyne from Odin Sphere. I chose her due to the great art style and it also allowed me to make a female/stylised character which I havent tried before.





This is my favourite rig setup I have used so far, the clavicle controls give a much nicer deformation across the shoulders and the simple fk controls for the arms make it much easier to pose. I learnt alot of this rig setup while working at Climax Studios


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