Space Marshal

This guys been in my head for over a year now and I finally got some time to bring him to 3d, The idea behind him was to work him up to the same standard as a high profile PS3 character like Kratos from God of War or Nathan Drake from Uncharted 2.

Final specs are 22k Tris, 2x 2048 maps with an additional 1024(gun) and 256(hair). Fully rigged and ready to go 🙂 and all rendered in mental ray.

software used
Maya 2009
Zbrush 3.1

The years 2459 and the death of our planet is imminent. 30 years ago the worlds best scientists gave Earth only one more generations worth of breathable atmosphere, causing hundreds of colonists ships to be launched into deep space. Each transport is assigned one law enforcer to keep the peace. He was a young man when the ships first flew from Earth. He was a great officer on Earth but space pressure sickness has slowed him down and made him soft. His muscles are atrophying, his bones old and weak and his spine needs constant support.

Reporting to a distress signal sent from a colonist ship the Space Marshal dons his body armour once more only to find the entire ships crew massacred.

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