Artstation top picks πŸ™‚ all my artwork in one day yayyyy πŸ™‚

Artstation_Picks_09_12 copy


got featured on pixologics blog πŸ™‚



made top row on zbrushcentral πŸ™‚

zbrushcentral banner


Theres lots of great info about Slide London and their amazing character art studio in this months issue of ImagineFX, including an interview with myself about my time so far with Slide as a freelancer :) Grab it while you can!!!!!!!


I made the recap at polcount and for some reason my old ‘darkwatch church’ environment is on the header of CGsociety :s (think its just random but its been up for a while)


I made the news at polycount again πŸ™‚


My good buddy Cameron Small, AKA Mclean on the forums made a 3d Print of my superman model from comicon 09 for helping him out over the last year or two, Im getting some proper photos made up soon but this is all I can do with my rubbish camera right now :( he looks awesome though, I wanna get a full character 3d print done in the future, but gotta make something mental first :) Thank you so much Cam, you are the man :D


My stabbington brother sculpt made the news over at polycount today πŸ™‚ I fell in love the films art direction and just had to sculpt something πŸ™‚


The Daily Sculpting Exercises I setup as an unofficial challenge over at GA is now part of the front page πŸ™‚ thanks everyone for participating, so many awesome sculpts. The timelapse videos are really helping alot of people πŸ™‚


Big day for news, I got an editors choice award over at for my female detective sculpt.

and I made the news again over at polycount for my ‘Ogre going on a date’ sculpt. Great honour πŸ™‚


My latest character made the news at PC, I know its not that big, but a huge honour for me πŸ™‚


Officially launchedthe UNOFFICIAL daily sculpting exercises over at

[click the image to have a looksy]

topics change every 3 days and you gotta try and squeeze an hourly sculpt into that time. extra brownie points if you record your work πŸ™‚


Finished my Psymon Stark Character πŸ™‚


My latest character got put into polycounts ‘monday big news’ πŸ™‚


Judging has begun for The Comicon Challenge 2010, My wolverine/Logan was named in the final 30 for the 3D category today πŸ™‚ the judges will be naming the final standings soon. I dont think I did enough this year to land a top 10 position but theres some beautiful entries this year so make sure to check em out πŸ™‚


Just Finished My Wolverine for the Comicon Challenge 2010. I was very lucky to land an ‘editors pick’ award from aswell πŸ™‚


Just Finished up a big Freelance contract for Streamline Studios, Everythings under NDA at the moment but its for a very exciting project and was an honour to work with such a great company πŸ™‚


A friend showed me that Ive been put on in an artice named “5 CGI artists’ that will rock you” πŸ™‚

you can view the page here


My latest demon fella got put on Polycounts news page πŸ™‚


My Frankensteins monster came in 2nd Place in GA “Heads of Horror” sculpting challenge yayyyy


Polycounts updated their website today and Franky made it into one of the banners πŸ™‚ I know its not a big deal but Im hugely honoured to be displayed with so many amazing artists on one of the best artist communities out there


Updated the site so its easier to navigate and is all around prettier πŸ™‚


Frankenstein’s Monster

Just finished my Frankensteins monster for the Sculpting challenge over at GA πŸ™‚


JTAC Character

I got permission from Simthetiq to show my most recent freelance project in my gallery section


Freelance character artist (blog blog blog)

So its been a long time that I have been working up my portfolio since leaving Climax studios on my quest to find work closer to home, and now officially I can say that Im a gun/pen for hire πŸ™‚ I’m absolutely loving it, and working with great developers worldwide is just fantastic. It makes the past couple of months working my butt off allday everyday all worth it.

Im looking forward to working with top developers from around the world and improving myself every step of the way.


3rd Place in ‘The Pawn’ Mini competition at gameartisans


Highlighted WIP thread

My space marshal is now a highlighted thread over at gameartisans πŸ™‚


Comicon 2009 Results are in

Comicon results are in and My superman Entry made 5th place. Im so happy πŸ™‚ Was a fantastic competition and I learnt so much and made so many good friends along the way. Congrats to all πŸ˜€


Comicon 2009 Results on the way

I made the top 20 finalists in the annual superhero based competition “Comicon Challenge 2009” with my superman entry. I really cant believe it haha, Joe mad and Todd Macfarlane were my inspiration growing up to get into comic book art and now they are judging my work. I dont think I am gonna make top 10 but top 20 yayyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!


Silent Hill Shattered Memories reviewed on and gets a great 8.6/10

I was part of the award winning VFX team πŸ˜€ and great job everyone at Climax studios


New Silent Hill Shattered Memories trailer with alot of my VFX work in it. Noticeably the bathroom mirror scene, ice pieces/shader, ice transitions, car VFX. The song to this trailer is amazing aswell, may very well be the last from the legendary composer for the Silent Hill series if you believe all the rumours.



My Darkwatch Church has been featured on



My Darkwatch Church just became a highlighted wip thread over at gameartisans πŸ˜€



Just finished my Darkwatch Hangtown Church environment. added to my gallery



Just uploaded a new 2D section and my entry to the mini competition “3D Transformation” I got a tiny plug πŸ™‚



Completed my Comicon 2009 entry



Silent Hill : Shattered Memories wins best of Gamescon by IGN



Finished up on Silent Hill : Shattered Memories after revamping all the Ice shaders and stuff


Decided to end my contract at Climax so I can find work closer to home, Big decision my end and its a shame to leave such an amazing studio but I miss my lady too much. Just gotta work my notice and I can come home πŸ™‚




Overlord Dark Legend and Overlord Minions released, My first shipped titles πŸ™‚


News_ign News_gamespot

Silent Hill : Shattered Memories and Overlord games pick up IGN and Gamespot Best of E3 Awards



I won the army of small competition over at sponsored by CGsociety and Ballistic Publishing. I won 4 books from Ballistic Publishings D’Artiste range.



I got my first industry job at Climax Action in Portsmouth UK as a VFX artist working on triple A titles.

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