Maleficent wip2

playing with Marmoset toolbag 2 to get the likeness closer, whilst cursing Zbrush perspective haha, the back and forth is so quick, I love it!!!! mid res sculpt and polypaint with hair photoshoped in 🙂 next up is detailing and prosthetics before bakes 🙂



Maleficent WIP 001

wip of a maleficent bust Im working on 🙂 got a bit carried away on the anatomy base haha



Rick – TB2 test

been playing about with Toolbag 2 for the first time, really cool bit of software. Just a mid level sculpt and blurry polypaint haha 🙂


Random Plait Tutorial

created this for a friend a whiles back and thought I would share it 🙂


Comicon 2014 cloth first pass

first pass on the clothing, loads to do and fix still haha



Comicon 2014 update #3

Made a quick breakdown of how I made the anatomy base. Its a quick study as I only need the underlying shapes to judge where the cloth is going. Its a nice easy and quick way of knocking out proportions anyway 🙂


and an update on the base meshes before she goes into Zbrush, chromatic abberation FTW!!!!! hahaha


Comicon 2014 – The SHOESSSSSAAAAA

started on some converses for Rogue, may have got carried away haha. Should bake nicely though